Trailer Season 2 (Movement)

We migrate, we sing, we listen to music, we dream, we move, nature moves. Everything moves. Movement is everything and everywhere.

Based on their professional and personal experiences each of our fourteen fascinating guests offers you the opportunity to meet and engage in a road of discovery and self- reflection.

Be it through history, in outer space, in a garden, on the podium, or inside the brain, and whether on a physical, an intellectual and/or a spiritual level, each of the interviews in this season make up for a fantastic constellation of perspectives intertwined by nature and communalities that bound us by the same common thread: movement.

Dare to move, dare to be moved, perhaps even to tears. Join us on the search for a multidisciplinary multidimensional answer, that will invite you to relearn and rethink your own perspective.

THIS SEASON’S GUESTS: President of the Migration Policy Center, Andrew Selee; World recognized neurosurgeon, Prof. Peter Vajkoczy; Best seller author and Professor of Religious Studies, Rabbi Rami Shapiro; Acclaimed poet and author Jennifer Clement, President Em. PEN International; Prima Ballerina Staatsballet Berlin, Elisa Carrillo Cabrera; Cognitive Psychologist Dr. Peter Lovatt, better known as Doctor Dance; former NASA Astronaut, José M. Hernández; Theologian, cosmologist and author, Rev. Bárbara A. Holmes; Rising Star, Mezzo Soprano, Marina Viotti; Orchestral Director of the  Tiroler Symphonieorchesters Innsbruck, Kerem Hasan; France’s most revered landscaper Louis Benech with reading intervention of Historian and Author Andrea Wulff; Professor of the History of Political Thought at Cambridge University, Prof. Richard Bourke with cohosting and interventions by Prof. Swen Hutter- Lichtenberg Professor in Political Sociology at the Freie University Berlin and Director of the Center of Civil Society Research; Cellist and Assistant Conductor to Sir Mark Elder for the Halle Orchestra in Manchester and Music Director for the Hallé Youth Orchestra, Euan Shields; Glaciologist at ICIMOD and researcher from the glaciology team in the National Geographic and Rolex Everest Expedition Tenzing Tenzing Chogyal Sherpa.

Writer: Cecilia Ponce Rivera
Direction: Cecilia Ponce Rivera
Podcast Production: Michael Viol
Voices: Paul HG; Melissa Holroyd; Voice Talents Berlin

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