#05 The Beauty of Color: An interview with David Johnstone

Meet one of New York City’s most acclaimed hair colorists, David Johnstone, on his love for nature and dahlias. An alchemist of modern times, David provides us with great insight on the transformative power of color and its influence on attractiveness perception. His take on beauty is an invitation to discovering the splendidness of the inner self. “MY FAVORITE PART OF COLOR IS TRANSFORMING PEOPLE TO WHAT THEY HAVE ENVISIONED FOR THEMSELVES.”, says master David Johnstone, and he means it.

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Born and raised in Connecticut and New Jersey, David studied Forest and Civil Engineering at Oregon State University but left school to pursue his dream and entered Hair School, which he finished to immediately start a job in New York City.  

During this time, he also worked as a freelance in the film industry. He then returned full time to hair salons to focus on color. Thirty years of experience in the field, alone twenty of them working side by side by Yves Durif’s, one of NY City’s best-known Hairstylists, endorse David as one of New York City’s most beloved and acclaimed colorists. His inspiration on color and texture is taken from all that surrounds him, particularly from his hundreds of Dahlias, grown by him at this boutique flower farm in New Jersey. 

A nature lover, David is owner of great color knowledge and sophistication. An alchemist of modern times, admired by his peers not only for his expertise in the field of color but also for his work ethics and human as well as professional qualities, David is well known to transform New York City’s elite clientele into world renowned beauties.

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