#08 Color from an Autistic Perspective: Getting to know the Spectrum, an interview with Marlene Gómez Aizpuru

With an experience of over 20 years in psychology treating children and young adults in the autistic spectrum, Marlene Gómez Aizpuru, an autistic adult herself, opens a window to the autistic spectrum by sharing her personal and professional experience on how color influences and might affect children in the spectrum through the course of their daily lives. Intended to provide awareness rather than being a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, this interview longs for understanding and empathy for children in the autistic spectrum. It is important that you speak with your healthcare provider or child’s pediatrician about how to treat him or her personally regarding light and color perception as just each person may have a different visual experience and/or their perception of light sensitivity might be triggered by various factors and therefore different treatments may be recommended.

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She has twenty years of experience in treatment and research in various areas such as child development, autism, and sensory processing, among others. She graduated in Development Psychology from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. She also studied Bioethics and Sexuality in the Instituto Politécnico Nacional and has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy by the Mexican Institute of Occupational Therapy Bsc.

Among various highly specialized courses, she has completed The Sensory Processing Mentorship Program; The Sensory Processing Fellowship and SOS Feeding (Sensory Oral Sequence) training in the Sensory Processing Foundation, Star Center in Denver Colorado, in the US. She also has a Sensory Integration Certificate by Western Psychological Services, by the Instituto de Terapia Ocupacional and  by the University of Southern California.

Marlene Gómez Aizpuru was part of Carol S. Kranowitz´s book project “The Out of Synch Child Grows Up”. She currently collaborates with several institutes and research groups and was Coordinator of the Department of School Integration in the Mexican Clinic for Autism and works as an academic coordinator of Educasa Mexico. 

In her private practice, she focuses on children, teenagers and young adults with sensory processing disorders and autism spectrum disorders.

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