#01 Color, a Figurative Perspective: Interview with Amnon David Ar.

Israeli figurative painter David Amnon Ar, guides us through a world of superb, depicted nudity and contemplative portraits including those of the self. In his attempt to imitate reality, Amnon uses the delicacy of light to caress youth, old years and even death through his own interpretation of claroscuros, in which the absence of black is to be expected. Join us on an insightful interview on life, art, and extensive knowledge in how color is, both, intuitively and consciously applied.

Dorit Elkenati, curator and art consultant, cohosted this episode.

Website Amnon David Ar.: www.amnondavidar.com

A short film about his working process: https://youtu.be/_P-ugBfd4IA

Instagram: @amnondavidar


Amnon David Ar is a unique voice in today’s realistic painting scene. Born in Israel, in 1973, Ar began his formal art education at age 14, ultimately studying at the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem. As he could not find at the Academy the artistic training he was looking for, he decided to leave and pursue his own artistic path. 

While being much of an autodidact, he sought advice from painters Oswald Adler and Abraham Bykov. Ar quickly gained recognition in his homeland and received his first chance at international level after his work was praised by the Rembrandt House Museum curator Dr. Bob van den Boogert, who marked Ar as one of the great draughtsmen of our time. This recognition, as well as winning the first Schiff prize for figurative painting at the Tel Aviv Museum, first prize winner at SeeMe competition NY, and 3rd prize winner at Boynes Emerging Artist Award Melbourne, led to numerous solo and group exhibitions  in Israel, Europe in Museums such as Tel Aviv Museum, Haifa Museum, Janco Museum, Bat Yam Museum, Ashdod Museum, the Kunsverein Worm and Schwezingen, Ramat Gan Museum , The Artists House Jerusalem, Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno and Arkansas Art Center. Regarding Galleries, just to name a few, his work has been exposed at the Vielliers Gallery in Amsterdam, the MZ art space in Berlin, Forum Gallery and the Armory show in NY, Medici and The cube Galleries in London, and the Bernard and Mika Galleries in Tel Aviv.

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