Movement on the Podium: Diversity and Inclusion, an interview with Euan Shields.

If you´ve ever wondered how the silence prior to start the Opening Movement is energized and about the experience of the brief but extreme moving moment between the end of the Final Movement and the first clap of the audience’s applause in a performance, you won’t dare to miss this episode. Euan Shields is a 25-year-old Japan-born American orchestral conductor and cellist, known for his emotionally charged performances and delightful technical skills. In this episode, the Assistant Conductor under Sir Mark Elder for the Hallé Orchestra and Music Director of the Hallé Youth Orchestra, talks about all the imaginary happening while standing on the podium and about the different experiences resulted from playing cello in an orchestra vs. conducting one. Listen this superb cellist and promising orchestral conductor talk about mentorship and the benefits of being brutally honest, why he exchanged words for feelings when marking his scores, how he prepares a performance as an assistance conductor and how he puts his conviction of music’s transformational power to society in motion.

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