Music’s Motion and Emotions, its Narrative and its Interpretation, an interview with Kerem Hasan.

His understanding of Classical music is genuine and vigorously mesmerizing. Immerse yourself in the musical world of the orchestral director of the Tiroler Symphonieorchester Innsbruck, Maestro Kerem Hasan, one of today’s most exciting young British conductors. Bestowed with fine intellect, magnificent talent, and passionate sensitivity he will guide you with the elegancy and precision of his baton on how movement and imaginary can elevate an orchestra to higher levels. He’ll talk about the German-Austrian tradition, Opera, Crossovers, and the drive, and authenticity needed to conduct masterfully equipped musicians of grand orchestras.

Experience Brahms, Gustav Mahler, the grand pianist Maurizio Pollini, and Dutch Conductor Bernard Haitink through his eyes and join him on the Podium to talk about classical music’s narrative, its decoding, and the role of mystery, persuasion, chemistry, gestures, and silence when interpreting and transmitting the composer’s message.

Instagram: @kerem_hasan

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