Moving on Center Stage, an interview with Elisa Carrillo Cabrera.

We imagine the life of a ballerina to be a romantic scene, a swan made human traversed from the backstage lights. In the distance the clapping, followed by an elegant bow and a full smile. Accompany us backstage and meet Prima Ballerina Elisa Carrillo Cabrera, first dancer of the Staatballet Berlin and listen her talk about the evolution of classical ballet and the magic brought by the connection of the body with the music, her experience on learning diverse technics from people from different cultural backgrounds and how embracing her Mexican heritage has given her a proud sense of identity. Join her on stage, jumping and pirouetting as she lets you experience the flow in which she immerses herself when she dances. Hold on to her hand and fly along with as you dream about ballet and what you thought before to be impossible.

Instagram: @elisacarrillocabrera

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