Cosmic Motion in the Public Square, an interview with Rev. Bárbara Holmes

Whether from a religious, theological, philosophical, cultural, or a scientific perspective, the view of unity based on the commonality of the divine nature within and shared by all human beings is echoing a universal awareness. In this episode Rev. Barbara A. Holmes, addresses Western cultural complexities of “race” and ethnicity through the lenses of physics and cosmology and the barriers constructed by modern culture that prevent us from understanding and speaking a language of unity. She reminds us how movement is not antithetical of contemplation but rather an evoking force of motion. In this episode you will learn about public theology, the despair sang of the Blues, the significance of the improvisational and spontaneous character of jazz, and its secular insubordination. We invite you to listen her talk about the importance of elderly wisdom and the relevance of storytelling on individual and collective identity, as well as the role of Africanism in today’s life cultural and artistic expressions and how dance bounds us all with the cosmic.

Barbara A. Holmes is a spiritual teacher, activist, and scholar focused on African American spirituality, mysticism, cosmology, and culture.  She is President Emerita of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, served as Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Memphis Theological Seminary and was ordained in the Latter Rain Apostolic Holiness Church in Dallas, Texas as well as by the Disciples of Christ Christian Church.


Barbara A. Holmes:
12-Minute Meditation with Dr. Barbara Holmes:
Experiencing God in the Thin Places with Barbara Holmes:
The Cosmic We — Podcast Series by Barbara Holmes:
Crisis Contemplation:

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