Poetry, Freedom of Speech, and Imagination’s Moving Force, an Interview with Jennifer Clement.

Join the author of “The Promise Party: Kahlo, Basquiat & Me”, the read at the top of the charts in the UK for 2024. Move into the writing world of Clement’s poetic prose and lingering metaphors, a universe of layers and dimensions in pure motion. Listen to her talk about how the act of writing and someone reading at the other end can become a mystical experience and how her famous novels “Gun Love”, a New York Times Editor’s Choice book, and “Prayers for the Stolen” became the turning point of her calling to become an activist for the sake of Freedom of Speech.

World acclaimed poet Jennifer Clement, the only woman to be elected President Emerita of PEN International, since this celebrated international writer’s organization was founded in London back in 1921, is a fascinating author whose books have been translated into 35 languages. Hers is an intensive universe, a connective point between the brutal, the beautiful and the infinite.

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