Opera’s Moving Voices, an interview with Mezzosoprano Marina Viotti

Clear, angelical, and powerful. That is the sound of Marina Viotti’s voice. A woman of remarkable presence in stage, seductive and captivating, owner of an inherent talent which she combines with discipline and excellent technique. Jump with us into a fantastic voyage from the dramatic to the lyrical, while we listen to her talk about the energy that draws her closer to her audience, how she builds repertoires, her sense of humor and her love for her family. Like that of a siren, her chant will lure you to explore into deeper levels.

Meet mezzosoprano Marina Viotti, recognized in 2019 as “Best Young Singer of the year” at the prestigious International Opera Awards in London and navigate with her through the waters of her colorful and versatile vocal range as we chat about kings, gods, goddess, cyclopes, and vagabonds, the world of Opera, her tribute to Pauline Viardot, the romanticism of the guitar, jazz’s improvisation, and about performance, classical music, metal and crossover.


Marina V.
Digital Concert:
Marina Viotti & Gabriel Bianco – ¿Porque Existe Otro Querer?
“A Tribute to Pauline Viardot” (Marina Viotti, Le Talents Lyriques, Christophe Rousset)
Et si le monde était un opéra ?

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