Brain Movement, an interview with Prof. Peter Vajkoczy

World-renowned neurosurgeon, Prof. Vajkoczy performs 800 Brain surgeries per year. Each of these brains a universe of its own that moves along its individual thoughts, dreams, and recollections. Walk inside the operating room by the hand of one of the most respected neurosurgeons in the world and learn about the wondrous dance that takes place in his imaginary even before commencing a surgery. Learn about the precision, the concentration, and the humbleness he operates with as you hear him talk about teamwork, research, homing, and the relationship between the gut microbiomes. Venture into the future guided by Prof. Vajkockzy while he masterly explains where neuroscience is moving towards regarding advancements on spinal cord injuries, computer assistance, artificial intelligence, and robotics. A fascinating road trip into the human brain, through which you will begin to understand about its uniqueness, and feel moved by its miraculous individual print.



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