Move and Find your Groove! an interview with Dr. Peter Lovatt.

Dancing and finding your groove can become a transformative life experience. And in this episode, cognitive psychologist, and former professional dancer himself Dr. Peter Lovatt tells us why.  Widely known as Dr. Dance, Peter Lovatt is also a teacher at the Royal Ballet School of London and the best-selling author of “The Dance Cure”, and “Dance Psychology: The Science of Dance and Dancers.” In this insightful and moving interview you will not only learn how dancing can help you get into shape and keep you in shape, but also, it will help you understand dancing as an intrinsic part of who we are, how dancing works as a biological means of communication and where does the fear of dancing come from. Having spent most of his life dancing, teaching, writing, and researching about movement and dance, Dr. Lovatt brilliantly explains the relationship between dance and movement and its effect on memory, thinking processes, mood, language learning, social bonding, problem solving, and Parkinson’s disease.

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