Gardens: All that Movement! an interview with Louis Benech.

Gardens are all about movement, and in this episode, Louis Benech, France’s greatest living landscape designer, tells us why. Known for creating long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing gardens, where contemporary architectural settings, historic sites, and natural environments merge, Louis Benech has created together with his team, over 400 garden and park projects, both private and public, stretching from Korea to Panama, Peru, Canada, the United States, Portugal, Greece, and Morocco. His long list of clients includes the late Yves Saint Laurent and most recently Diane von Furstenberg among many international organizations such as Hermès, Axa and Suez.

What have gardens taught this man of artistry and strong spirit about life and death? We invite you to a fascinating conversation about light, symmetry, balance, and the people he sees in his imaginary before creating one. Sit for an hour with a man of depth, to talk about his love for trees, plants, dancing sculptures in Versailles and why gardens shall not be considering a luxury, but rather a necessity in terms of well- being.

Also, in this episode, world recognized author Andrea Wulf, accompanies us with her voice on a trip back in time to George Washington’s Garden, Mount Vernon, as she reads some excerpts of her book the “Founding Gardeners”, a book where the lives of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Adams are viewed from their perspective as gardeners, farmers, and plantsmen, and how their believe in greatness helped them project the land of liberty they imagined.


Andrea Wulf

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